Specially designed machines and conveyors for a variety of industrial processes. Engineered from your specifications and requirements and built for production reality.

Adhesive Coating & Curing System
Engine Sleeve Curing Conveyor
Floor Mat Adhesive Processing System

Some applications require the use of other types of conveyance besides our mainstay Chain-On-Edge.  In these cases, we have developed various types of floor mounted conveyor.  These have been used for coating application, process to process transfer, washing, parts feeding, ext. 

Example conveyor types:

  • Parallel Chain
  • Cross Bar
  • Over/Under
  • Flat Belt
  • Wire Mesh
  • Powered Roller
  • Gravity Roller
  • Inclined Conveyors
  • Plastic Chain
  • Cleated Conveyors
  • Vibrating Conveyors
  • Shuttle Conveyors
  • Walking Beam Types
  • Wicket Conveyors
  • Apron Conveyors
  • Vertical Chain Conveyors
  • Portable Conveyors
  • Cart Conveyors
  • Transfer Conveyors
  • Turn Tables
  • Indexing Conveyors
  • Enclosed Over Head Types

Some past special applications:

  • Heat Treating, Drying, Curing & Baking
  • Water Cooling & Quenching
  • Liquid Filling & Potting
  • Meter, Mix & Dispense
  • Flat Line Coating
  • Manure Drying
  • Adhesive Application & Assembly
  • Inside Diameter Coating
  • Elevator Rail Coating
  • Silver Nitrate Application
  • Doner Roller Coating
  • Paint Dip Coating
  • Hot Wax Cylinder Coating
  • Filter Mold Handling
  • Heavy Machinery Truck Coating
  • Automotive Floor Mat Coating
  • Paint & Stain Circulating Systems
  • Oil Barrel Striping
  • Electric Motor Varnish Dip
  • Automatic Feed & Accumulation
  • Humidity Curing

Precision Conveyor's Rotary Indexing Auto Spray Table offers an inexpensive alternative to manually spray painting small parts by hand. the table is portable, built for use in spray booths / hazardous locations, and is allows for increased production, quality, and consistancy versus spray-painting individually by hand.

Table sequence of operation:

  1. Operator loads product onto spindles
  2. Product indexes in front of fixed spray gun
  3. Rotate product in front of spray gun(s)
  4. Trigger spray gun(s) for a preset period of time
  5. Index coated product back to operator *
  6. Operator unloads sprayed part, and loads new bare part to be coated next

* Number of spindles and time between indexes can vary to allow coating to dry before unload.



  • Rotating parts while spraying allow for better finish
  • Portable and easily stored when not in use
  • Built in pneumatic spray gun control 
  • Simply connect compressed air, and table is ready to operate
  • Highly customizable for your specific application requirements
  • Contact us for more information

Example table drawing:


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